We believe investment capital has a significant positive role to play in shaping the future for people and the planet.

We strive to be a trusted partner for others that share this vision.

We strive to be a trusted partner for others that share this vision.

What we do

Investing in the positive.

Ecotone Partners is a boutique funds management and advisory business focused on positive investing. We are passionate about using investment capital to move the needle toward a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future.

We provide a range of services that act as a bridge between high growth companies with climate solutions and investors who are seeking financial returns alongside positive outcomes for the planet.


Partnering with Founders

We advise high growth ventures with climate solutions on capital strategy across equity, convertibles, debt and asset finance. We can also manage the capital raising process and provide support on investor engagement.


Partnering with Investors

We provide deal flow and syndication opportunities to private investors and family offices across VC, growth equity, private debt and asset finance.


Partnering with Governments & Foundations

We selectively take on engagements to provide strategic advice on sector and market development to government, semi-government, corporate and philanthropic groups.


Ecotone Partners

An ecotone is an area that represents the boundary between two ecosystems. One may also consider this place as a transition zone, since it’s different than either of the two ecosystems that it lies between. We operate in the ecotones between private investors, companies, governments and philanthropic foundations.

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