We believe that climate change is the most important and pressing issue of our generation.

The world is finally wrapping its head around the magnitude of this issue and the importance of innovation within the climate space has never been greater. Specifically, we are looking for startups with leading solutions that actively contribute towards reducing emissions by 50% each decade.

About Ecotone Ventures

Ecotone Ventures is our Angel Network that connects the growing number of climate conscious investors to early stage ventures with climate solutions. At the pre-seed and seed stage, our syndicate investment model allows us to invest deal by deal into some of Australia’s leading founders who are committed to making a lasting positive impact on our environment. We are committed to working with founders, investors and ecosystem partners, using capital to move the needle toward a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous future.

Why Ecotone Ventures?

The transition to a low carbon economy is the challenge of our generation and we believe technological innovation is a core component of the solution. At Ecotone Ventures, we understand climate solutions and how to diligence the companies that are driving them. Our investment approach utilises our team’s deep expertise across climate change policy and solutions, climate tech and early stage venture capital, and combines this with our network of climate conscious investors. Our team has a founder centric approach and strongly believes that placing a venture’s solution at the centre of funding design will allow our founders to effectively translate their climate-focused solutions into scalable businesses.

Are you a founder of a pre-seed or seed stage venture with a climate solution?
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Meet the team

Amanda Goodman


Nicole Kleid Small


Andrew Loh

Climate Angel Network Manager

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Venture Partner
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